Contact a Lunchbox Specials representative today and bring your business brand new customers with our proven combination packages.



We design a custom template for your daily lunch specials, utilizing your logo & artwork whenever possible.  
We provide copy for promotional pages to announce the launch of your fax, e-mail and facebook campaign.  
We provide a sign-up sheet for customers to sign up for daily fax specials.  
We include up to 200 phone calls to obtain 100 permission based fax numbers.  
We supply each client with daily phone book management; adding & deleting customers as requested.  
We supply three (3) removal methods for customers to opt out from receiving faxes, as per the FCC regulations, available 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week.  
We supply a dedicated toll-free automated telephone removal system.  
We provide a ‘proof’ of your lunch specials by fax the evening prior to distribution.  
We provide your restaurant with a unique web page within our website. On it we display and promote your restaurant's daily lunch specials. We also provide links to display your menus, catering information, online ordering, social media links and restaurant information.  
If you have your own website, we will link directly to it on our website and promote it on your fax and email.  

Sign the "Terms of Services" forms.  
Send Us Your Menu, Logo, Catering Information, Hours of Operation and Pictures for our Web Gallery (If You Desire One). And delivery information. Electronically if Possible  
Begin Planning Your Specials for Your first week of Lunch Specials.  
Start-Up Costs... $199.00 Start-Up Fee $100.00 Deposit